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Theliquidmerchant.com specialises in sourcing and developing unique beverages that have the ability to stand out from the crowd.  

Cannabis Energy Drink

Cannabis Energy Drink is a hemp based energy drink from The Netherlands. The use of cannabis seed extract gives this beverage an edge over it's competitors by utilising a natural ingredient with naturally occurring B vitamins, it is however, THC free and completely legal for free sale. The taste is refreshing and zingy, with a hefty energy boost, and mixes well with your favourite alcoholic tipple. This drink is enjoying a steady growth in sales here in the UK as well as 15 other countries around the world.

 Introducing Lavish Sensual Mix Drinks

Lavish was created with the intent to simplify the consumption of famous alcoholic mix drinks in one simple handling whilst maintaining constant quality. Available in an Energy Vodka mix, Whisky & Cola mix, Gin & Tonic mix, Extreme Energy Vodka mix, Lavish Bomb Herbal Energy mix and our latest additions Lavish Ultra Strong Vodka mix and Lavish Grape Absinthe. Lavish is consumed at its best when served chilled or on the rocks and is definitely not for the faint hearted. Whether for a night out on the town or just to enjoy in the company of friends, you can't deny Lavish.

 E-Star Energy Drinks

HCC Ciders

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Pilot's Friend -Tonic Bitter

The hybrid beverage.

A range of energy drinks that give the consumer a big choice of flavours, plus the peace of mind that comes with knowing that each one is Glucuronolactone free.  Glucuronolactone is a chemical commonly used in energy drinks to enhance the energetic effect, but unfortunately it also puts a lot of added strain on your heart and kidneys, and can cause disorientation, dizziness and palpitations.  EStar energy drinks deliver a hefty punch of energy without the need for this chemical, and provides a choice of 9 varieties including a Classic Energy, sugar free Zero Energy, Mental Energy, Amino Energy, Amino Light, Isotonic Sport and 3 delicious fruity flavours,  Pomegranate, Lemon & Lime, and refreshing Cranberry.

A powerful mix of an invigorating vitality drink, and a pleasant digestif.  Pilot's Friend  contains  natural plant extracts, herbs, flavonoids, polyphenols, Vitamin C and bitter agents such as amarogentin  and quinine. All ingredients are carefully selected according to Italian tradition, and perfectly formulated.  This drink is especially developed for professions and activities where alertness, well being  and concentration are important. With a naturally cloudy and unfiltered appearance, this Tonic Bitter combines modern knowledge gleaned from today's bio-sciences, and traditions passed down from ancient cultures. With mild processing procedures, high technical standards and strict quality control, Pilot's Friend  guarantees a completely refined bio-drink.

A fresh and fruity range of ciders from the Herefordshire Cider Company.  

The range includes HCC Original Gold, a 5% proof amber cider, HCC Black, a strong, dry 7.5% proof beverage, and HCC Black Pear cider, again a hefty 7.5% proof. The St Helier ciders are a lighter more refreshing 4% proof and available in two flavours, Mixed Fruit or Blueberry.