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Theliquidmerchant.com is a trading name of The Liquid Store Limited. We are an international trading company primarily involved in the import and export of food and beverages in and out of the UK, as well as trading on international markets. We specialise in globally known branded products and basic commodities.

Corporate responsibility:  

At theliquidmerchant.com we take our responsibilities as an alcoholic drinks distributor very seriously. We support the alcohol awareness charity Drinkaware, and its principles are embedded in all our marketing activities. We follow the guidelines of The Portman Group in practice and in spirit.



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Brand Management and Distribution

Theliquidmerchant.com operates a brand management division with a portfolio of unique, innovative and trendsetting beverages sourced from around the world. We are constantly researching the market for the newest, brightest stars on the drinks scene. Through our network of customers which includes wholesalers, Cash and Carry outlets and supermarkets, we can offer a clear route to the UK market to any potential producer and international distributor. We also supply independent groups within the on trade and off trade industry, as well as individual bars, clubs, restaurants, pubs and hotels,